New eggwegs on the way & trying to convince Tony free range chicks will be a good addition to the family ;o)

Tomorrow I am having some eggs sent to me, 2 x Jersey Giants poss 3 if another is laid today. The white or light eggs from black or Buff Orpington x Brhama (very big birds). Gold Brahma Orpington Barnvelder, Cream Legbar or hybred, pure Buff Orpington egg. I was hoping for a couple of French Marans, however they are not laying at the moment. Tony & Ania, you would love this birds, they lay deep chocolate eggs, they would blend well with your french life style. You need chickens, Tony, fresh organic eggs for your Gite guest, try and convince him Ania, Evie and Alex. We could even bring the eggs over to incubate, subject to custom regulations. I love my chickens ;o)

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