Rachellé talking to the Peep

As expected, Rachellé was as excited about the hatching as me. we thought it would be a good idea for her to talk to the peep via the telephone. The picture is not to clear, you should be able to see the peep pecking through (it is nearest the telephone). Annabell, one of our Granddaughters has just viewed the blog so will no doubt be paying a visit with Emily and Jack.
The peep responds to noises. Egg#5 has done nothing for the past five hours, it may well be a rooster. I am going to have to step away to give the eggs some piece and quiet and admire my new eggs that have just come through the post by Special Delivery. I love my chickens and my peeps :o)
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One Response to Rachellé talking to the Peep

  1. rachelle says:

    Mum you made me talk to them down the phone..LOL but thay like me so there,,The kids loved seeing them today..

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