My New Eggs Arrived Today

The egg arrived today and were packed very safely, Than you Jill AKN by the seller name basterinscarsterin on E-Bay
I have a selection of eggs. 3 x Jersey Giants. These are the largest chickens in the world, very docile and gentle by nature. 2 Buff Orpington lovely stocky birds, they also have a gentle nature, 4 x Rhode Island Red Cross Araucana , they lay, blue green eggs. The other 3 are pot luck and may be any of the following: Gold Brahma Orpington, Barnvelder Cream Legbar, Wellsummer or Maran. It will be exciting to wait and see. I am resting the eggs to bring them up to room temperature today, they will go in the incubator tomorrow for 21 day and be candled at 5, 10 and 18 days, so watch this space. I love my Eggs, Peeps and Chickens :o)
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