The story of why Egg # 3 was named Pookie

We now have a name for Egg # 3. No, it will not be ‘Nugget’ as hoped for by some of the MK Glorious PPU –N Unit. Her name is Pookie. The story behind the name goes back a few years when we bought home a lovely fluff ball looking kitten from Leicester. Duane had gone to help his brother Darren with some work and when he returned I had purchased Aduellia Moonstone, a Seal Point Persian Kitten. Duane was smitten with the kitten and home she came. On the journey home I sensed she was becoming restless and asked Duane to pull over. We were on the Weedon road near the land mark listed Express Lift Tower building Northamptonshire. Too late, she done the most gigantic wee all over my white trousers. I never knew a little cat had such an enormous bladder.

To cut a long story short, I was asleep in bed with Aduellia Moonstone apparently snuggled under my chest and chin. Duane said he looked at us and thought we looked adorable so decided to take a photograph of us. What he did not take into account was the potential response of Aduellia Moonstone. I awoke with a start and the sensation of being pebble dashed with hot, sticky, smelly liquid. Yes, you have guessed right, the kitten had been so startled by the flashlight and noise of the camera, she projectile poo’d all over my face, hair and chest. Well actually it was diarrhoea; I could not speak and only stutter a few explicatives. Duane, went from a state of shock to near hysterical laughter. From that moment onwards Aduellia Moonstone was called Pookie. We do have the photo of this unforgettable event.

Enough digressing, back to the reason for Chick # 3 name. We made a decision to move Chick # 3 to the Brooder to ensure Chick # 5 had a better chance of survival; she had dried and fluffed up lovely. This was we thought a good photo opportunity. At this time chick # 3 was again on my chest and walking up towards my neck to nuzzle. I really think it may have been helpful if Duane had said ‘Watch the birdie’ no really ‘Watch the birdie’ because it was at the moment the flash went off, I felt a trickle of liquid make its way down my decoulage (Chest, cleverage or boobs for the less well informed) I thought she had done a big wee, however as it was mint green and she was a chick not an alien, we established it must be poo. Duane immediately said amid his laughter, “That’s it, her name, it has to be Pookie” I could not agree more, so Egg # 3 became Pookie.

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