The babies Barbie Q & Bruno ‘Chilling out’

As always,these two are never apart. Most of the photographs I take of them together make them look like Siamese twins, if they are sunbathing, Bruno tends to be snuggled up under Barbie Q. I think Barbie Q is going to be a great Mum, even though I still think she may be a cockerel.

Of interest is Heidi (not Granddaughter Heidi,) our blue cream Persian exotic girl, has always been an aloof cat to anyone, other than Hubby Duane, whom she adores has taken a liking to Barbie Q. Not in a way the makes us think she wants her for breakfast. Heidi will patrol the perimeter of the enclosure and if Barbie Q, is nestling near the fence with Bruno, Heidi will often nuzzle up close to the fence and do a nose to nose with Barbie Q.

Heidi will also sit and watch ‘the babies’ as we call them, then patrol the garden and make sure the babies are safe in bed of the night time. Heidi then waits with us until Ken, and Henrietta, are also safely in bed for the night, and the coop, run and enclosure are safely closed and locked for the night. First thing in the morning, Heidi is ready for duty, and will be up and out with me before she has breakfast herself, the chickens do not know how lucky they are having there very own patrol guard cat.

Heidi also goes into the run has a drink of the water and check the babies are in bed by looking in the coop. Maybe this is why she never minds sharing her food with ‘the girls‘ as they always come into the house in the evening to have a snack of cat food and peck up anything of interest on the kitchen floor. This must rate as one of the best excuse ever, for not sweeping the kitchen floor, I can say with full commitment, ‘I need to leave it for the girls’. Back to chicken guard cat Heidi, she is also is up early in the morning with me to feed and let out ‘the girls’ before having her own breakfast. Lester, our self red exotic (looks like Garfield) will watch the chickens from afar and does not ‘do mornings’ and will run away if ‘the girls’ get to close to him. No stereo typing of the male ego with ‘our Lester’ I love my chickens :o)

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