I ate that egg

This was n-Tuckys first gift to us, which Duane cooked and bought to the hospital for me. We always knew which ones were his they would be a light coloured egg that initially had a thin shell. He would lay an egg a day and I would always be out to collect it just as he had laid it (it would still be warm and slightly wet. He also would cluck with pride for a job well done. Ken would lay a darker speckled egg at lunchtime and Henrietta would sometimes lay soft eggs or occasional get it right and would lay brown eggs intermittently. As time went on and they got used to organic free range food in the morning and corn in the afternoon, coupled with their cider vinegar and cod liver oil supplements, fruit and veg treats and visits to the cats bowls, their egg shells became more dense and the egg yolks became a lovely golden colour. Their combs and waffles also went from being limp and pale pink to red and perky. I love my chickens ;o)

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